Mystery of the Earthquake Swarms Solved!

Remember last year when seismologists reported observing “swarms” of hundreds of small earthquakes in the Pacific ocean just off the Oregon Coast? At the time they weren’t sure what was causing them, but now it seems the mystery has been solved!

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a whole new series of faults in the Juan de Fuca plate (as an Oregonian you know what that is) that they previously didn’t know existed. Just how could these faults affect us? Could they contribute to triggering quakes closer to land? The scientists aren’t quite sure yet.
One thing we do know for sure? How to prepare just in case.

Hat tip to Audrey for sharing the OSU article.

One thought on “Mystery of the Earthquake Swarms Solved!

  • Yay OSU!

    Coastal faults play a particular risk for coastal communities due to the tsunami potential. As for farther inland, in the Willamette Valley we already have found a great number of fault lines due to the pressures of the Juan de Fuca and North American plate subduction. Since earthquakes have little to no warning, it is wise to be prepared as significant activity it predicted to happen in the future.

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