Wanted: Info On “Ice Twisters”

[In my best booming movie trailer voice…]
In a city where ice is infrequent and tornadoes are even rarer… In a community that thought they were prepared for anything… They weren’t prepared for…. ICE TWISTERS!!!
That’s not the real trailer. I just made it up. I have no clue what the real trailer says because we can’t find it.
Here’s what we know:
There’s a new SyFy channel movie – apparently filmed in Portland – in which they’ve invented a wacky new super-disaster: ice tornadoes. Unfortunately, since its debut this weekend, no one can find any info about it. Was it so cheesy that they felt the need to remove all traces of its existence from the internet??
Portland Mercury reporter, Patrick Alan Coleman, is on the case. If you have any information – like where to view a trailer of this soon-to-be-classic film – let him know.
By the way, if – given today’s windy conditions – you want to brush up on storm safety or regular old ice-free tornadoes, we’ve got you covered at:

One thought on “Wanted: Info On “Ice Twisters”

  • SyFy channel is notorious for it's Saturday night B-movies! Despite how bad they might be rated, they still are in high demand. Several have taken place in Portland (like the Bulgarian Bruce Campbell flick Alien Apocalypse), but this is the first I have heard of one filmed in Portland! In fact, the IMDB for the film says it was filmed in British Columbia, which makes sense given the Canadian production company. As with most SyFy films, there seems to be a large lack of information now that it has aired. Can't be worse than aliens coming to Earth to steal our lumber- can it?

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