” You Just Never Know When Someone’s Going Into Labor On Your Back Seat.”

Yep, that’s what I heard from one of our disaster volunteers who responded to a housefire that took an unusual twist.

Patty was on the scene after the firefighers were long gone, helping a pregnant young woman with clean clothes, fresh food and safe place to spend the night after her home was destroyed.

As you might imagine, the woman was in shock after the experience, and sitting around in a smoky apartment wasn’t helping anything. They went outside for some fresh air and wound up sitting in our emergency response vehicle.

But the woman kept feeling sicker and sicker and suddenly, right on the back seat of the Chevy Tahoe, she went into labor. As the strong contractions continued, Patty called 9-1-1 and had an operator walk her though the steps to check for bleeding and whether or not the woman’s water broke.

Paramedics soon arrived and took the woman to the hospital, ending the excitement. And while I don’t know how mom (and potentially baby!) are doing now, I wanted still wanted to share the story.

Proof that even our disaster volunteers really do have to be prepared for anything!


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