Blood And Ink

What’s more valuable — life-saving blood…or printer ink?

Well, according to the fine folks at Geekologie and consumerist, it’s the ink. In fact, according to this chart, you’d be better off printing your documents in blood than in HP Black Ink #45.

Yeah, that’s totally gross and completely wasteful, but admittedly interesting. And while the chart might pinpoint a pricetag for blood, the reality is that it’s truly priceless. Whereas black ink just…isn’t.

Blood is a precious commodity and one of the few liquids on earth that can save lives. Yet people willingly and generously give it up for those in need every day.

So, sure, hoard your HP Black Ink #45 and give us your blood. We’ll happily take it.

One thought on “Blood And Ink

  • I've always had this theory that the more expensive a liquid is, the more toxic it is for you to drink. For example, water is practically free, juice and milk are cheap, soda is a little pricier, and then you get into your alcoholic beverage and coffee… and eventually blood and HP ink. To poison ourselves we have to pay extra! But anyways… don't donate HP Black Ink #45 to the Red Cross? Nifty fact- HP gives blood! The second largest sponsor for the region is the HP Corvallis Campus 🙂

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