A Vampire Blood Bank

It’s official- we are in the middle of a ‘Vampire’ craze.

Not even a new year can change that, and this blog is filled with examples. Vampire Diaries, TruBlood, Twilight, I am Legend, Blade, Underworld, and many other stories have touched us as both books and on the screen.

What is the appeal of Vampires? They are strong, they tend to be evil, with a sense of mystery and darkness. Humanity is the prey, with blood as their key to survival and with all their strengths why don’t they seem to win any battles versus the ‘day walkers’?

This Friday ‘Daybreakers‘ premieres, a film that takes the concept of Vampires winning against Humanity and explores the resulting society. Vampires don’t grow old and require nourishment that is not so easy to obtain.

The focus of the film seems to be on the role of blood banks in a Vampire society with a strong demand and dwindling supply. Just as with the real blood banks, in the film blood cannot be manufactured and has to be supplied by living, unconverted Humans.

The film also portrays a supply of blood with only a few days left, something the real blood banks are constantly dealing with. Additionally, the need is always constant because blood units only last up to 42 days (and platelets only last up to five!).

The Red Cross may be the nation’s largest blood bank, but we promise we’re not Vampires. The Red Cross prides itself on only using voluntary donations from donors that are appreciated for their incredible generosity. Besides, Vampires couldn’t associate themselves with an organization that has the cross as it’s symbol!


  • Scott, I'm not sure you can say that ARC is NEVER associated with vampires…I mean, we have done a few partnerships (like the Vampire Diaries one you reference above). But I think we can safely say that we don't HIRE vampires, we don't encourage vampire-ism and we would all grab wooden stakes to defend the blood supply, if ever necessary.

    Tara, I'm in agreement. Daybreakers does remind me a little of Gattaca, though, so I might consider it. Sigh. Ethan Hawke and Jude Law. That was just about the perfect movie.

  • Hahaha 🙂 I'm a Trekkie and keep the recipe for Klingon Blood Wine on the tip of my tongue (because it actually sounds quite delish!). As for Vampires, every few months I have a donor ask me about how the Vampires are doing. I grew up on Buffy/Angel, which often had the blood banks saving humanity by providing Vampires an alternative to killing. Would that count as humanitarian outreach?

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