Remain Calm, Place Newspaper Over Head

This stick figure illustrated guide of what to do in case of a nuclear attack evidently comes from the early ’80s. But it reminds me more of the 1957 PDX classic disaster flick, “A Day Called X.”

According to the image, former Portland Mayor Frank Ivancie endorsed some strange advice, most notably that one should place a newspaper over their head. Does that really work? I have my doubts…On the other hand, some of the tips seem fairly sound. During earthquakes, we recommend that you drop, cover and hold on…why not for nuclear attacks? Food and water for several weeks? Surely it would be helpful — but maybe start small with just a 72 hour kit?Since we don’t have nuclear attack tips on our website, I’m passing along what we advise as related to terrorism. Read up!Special thanks to mappeal for the original post and Mia for passing it along!

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