Warning Labels That’ll Make You Laugh

Sometimes I feel a little like your mom.

I’m the one who’s always reminding you to drop, cover and hold on…or learn CPR…or change the batteries in your smoke detector. I’m over-cautious and maye even a little naggy at times. And maybe, just maybe, all my admonitions of “Stay safe!” and “Be prepared!” get a little annoying.

So yeah, I’m pretty much a human warning label. But labels (like me, I’d like to think!) can be downright funny.

For proof, I’d suggest checking out Forbes’ collection of 15 Laughable Warning Labels.

My personal favorite? The Superman costume that warns that the outfit does not enable flight or super strength. For more, check out the Wacky Warning Awards and, one of our favorite blogs, Safety Graphic Fun!

And if you want truly helpful safety tips, I suggest you check here for enough to keep you protected all year long.


  • The blog with the safety graphics gave me a great laugh. I also encourage anyone looking for workplace safety tips to check out the A-Z list on the Oregon OSHA web site:


    Melanie Mesaros
    Oregon OSHA, Public Information Officer

  • Yeah… sometimes I think you're a little maternal too. XD

    This was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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