United We Serve

Who loves feathered hair and a great smile? ME! Well… I’m actually on the fence about the whole hair thing. Nonetheless, I am a sucker for a good smile – and a good cause! It turns out that everyone’s favorite rock balladeer, Jon Bon Jovi, has stepped up to support the new government initiative, United We Serve (UWS). The initiative is based out of The Corporation for National and Community Service, and aims to respond (with civic service) to the problems that have arisen or have been compounded by the economic downturn our country has taken. The UWS website is a clearinghouse of programs and opportunities to serve with such organizations as Americorps and RSVP. I may be biased, since I am a current Americorps member, but I think that totally rocks. His message highlights the President’s call for service and echoes the sentiments that positive change is achieved through unity and service.

And I thought that “Shot Through the Heart” was reason alone to love Bon Jovi!

Here at the Red Cross, we understand the importance of volunteerism, since roughly 94% of our entire workforce is made of up volunteers. If Bon Jovi’s message (or this blog post) has woken up any volunteering curiosity in you then why not learn more about Red Cross volunteer opportunities?

I’m thinking maybe it’s time to go shopping and to the salon and bring back that classic Jovi look. Maybe.

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