One Last Bloody Blog Good-Bye

Saturday will be my last day at the Red Cross (sniffle).

I’ve been thinking about the crazy amount of blood-related knowledge I’ve attained in the past three years (more than I ever thought I’d know about the sanguine substance). While working for the Red Cross Blood Services, I’ve learned that blood can be: artful, stylish, sexy, scarce, a baby-saver, lexical, musical, romantic, futuristic and thirst-quenching.

I’ve also learned why plasma can be green, why kissing bugs aren’t as cute as they sound, and that donating twice as much blood can double your flavor. But most importantly, I’ve learned about the true value of donated blood. The whole process of blood donation is absolutely incredible. To think that what once flowed through my veins is now helping keep the heart of a stranger pumping… it’s a bit hard to comprehend such an amazing and charitable scientific feat.

I feel fortunate to have worked for an organization that has a powerful impact on the community. I’m definitely going to miss all the amazing people who work here, especially the blog team (please don’t forget me!).

I’m also going to miss you: the reader. Thank you for keeping up on our blog. We hope you find the posts to be didactic—useful, yet entertaining. Keep reading for the latest on hot life-saving action!

Oh, and one last time: GO DONATE BLOOD! This wouldn’t be a complete blog post without me asking you to call 1-800-RED CROSS or to visit to schedule your blood donation appointment 🙂

Keep it real (I’ve always wanted to say that to someone)!

-Tara “Bloody” Trullinger

Photo: Me in our Buddy Blood Drop mascot costume. Since I’m leaving, I’m going to be honest: that thing smells bad.


  • The only thing better than seeing you dressed up as Buddy Blood Drop will be seeing you dressed up as Loafy.

    You've been a bloody great blogger, but now you're going where your cheesiness will truly be appreciated.

  • Lise already stole the best cheese pun, so I'll just say that your perfect blend of silliness and sincerity is unmatchable. We'll miss you, T. Tru!

  • So does this mean there is an open position? I'd love to fill it, as I didn't get the job as the Tillamook Cheese Brand Communications Coordinator.

  • Thanks Lise.

    I give you my blood, literally. Why not give you my sweat and tears too!

    How do I go about finding out if it does become open externally?


  • *brushes away tear*
    Bye, Tara. I'll miss reading your fun and entertaining blog posts. I wish you all the best at your new job!
    P.S. I'd donate blood, but, well, the age limit. 🙁 I'll do it when I'm sixteen, I promise.

  • I wrote this poem because I'm feeling sentimental and will miss Tara a lot. I decided there was nothing to lose by sharing it. XD

    I bid you farewell,
    From where I dwell,
    Sad to see you leave.

    I will always remember,
    When the fire dies down to ember,
    Your blog posts and bloody jokes.

    When I read your amazing posts,
    Laughed at on both coasts,
    I will think of you.

    As an apple falls from a tree,
    And you say goodbye to me,
    I don't want to say goodbye to you.

    'Tis awful, I know. XD

  • You will be missed Tara!!! Thank you for all your great work and setting some great examples for us all 🙂

    You finally got talked into wearing the blood drop? hah! Glad you have so much courage going forward! I know you will do an amazing job with all the excitement heading your way.

  • Awww… thanks, everyone! I will miss you all and the Red Cross so much.
    Clare, the farewell poem may be the most awesome parting gift of all time! You're so sweet! Thank you for all you do for the Red Cross and the community. Good luck with your first pint of blood in a few years 🙂 🙂
    Thanks again, everyone, for the blood good times!

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