(Fake) TruBlood

Are you ready for a drink with all flavor and no bite?

In the past we have blogged about fruit punch flavored Blood Energy Potion and cherry smelling Blood Bath, but what about something with actual blood (orange) in it?

In the HBO Series True Blood, the development of synthetic blood immediately turns vampires from creatures of the shadows to fellow citizens. This synthetic blood is made into a prominant drink for vampires, called ‘TruBlood’. With the series being a hit, a human version of ‘TruBlood’ has been created and released upon us as a ‘uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink’.

In reality, we have no substitute to human blood. That is why the area hospitals need about 5,000 pints a week. Please remember to donate blood if you can, and make sure you are hydrated (not necissarily with blood orange!).

Photo: Trendhunter Magazine


  • I've always wondered if blood orange actually works well as a drink (those who know me well know I am addicted to Target, and one of their branded premium drinks is carbonated blood orange). I know it is called 'blood' because of the coloration, but does it taste like taste like oranges?

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