Prepare-aphernalia: Kosher for Passover

**Reposted from 4/9/09**
Last night’s attendance at a Passover seder got me thinking about “Kosher for Passover” foods and their long shelf life. Which, of course, got me thinking about them as supplies for a disaster kit.

In fact, since we all know that a disaster can happen at any time, isn’t it possible that it could happen right in the middle of Passover?

So I did a little research and discovered the following:

While it varies from product to product, the shelf-life of matzo is 2 to 2-1/2 years (you can also get it gluten-free); gefilte fish is 4 years; and canned soups are 3 years. There’s no word on the life of the vaccum-packed (and delicious) macaroons, but I imagine it’s longer than a year.

If you keep kosher or just want to add some variety to your kit, these Passover staples would be a good choice. Don’t forget the powdered wine!

Image courtesy of m kasahara — my favorite Passover tradition…matzo ball soup!!


  • Matzo ball soup is my favorite too! I settled for Manischewitz matzo ball soup in a jar this year, and now those photos are teasing me…soup in a jar is just not the same as homemade!

  • How did you know that my local chapter was contemplating switching over to matzoh and gefilte fish for our emergency food stores? Our HeaterMeals are due to expire around June. As you know, the HeaterMeals aren't cheap… In this area, the day after Passover starts, all of the Passover items are 50% off. If you wait a few more days, it goes to 75% off, and I've even seen local stores giving away boxes of matzoh for free. Since matzoh and gefilte fish will last as long as your regular HM does, with that kind of cost savings, we just couldn't resist! We plan to hit the stores tomorrow and scoop up the bargains…

    (Of course, this is a joke…)

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