365 Things to do in Vancouver

I’ve lived in Vancouver for about a year now and talked some relatives into actually moving up as well. They keep asking, ‘what is there to do in Vancouver?’. Now I know where to send them!

The Clark County Real Estate Guide is creating 365 Things to do in Vancouver (Washington), with something new posted every day. This week (Day 49 to be exact) they took a trip to the American Red Cross Vancouver Donor Center to suggest donating blood! As you might remember, the new Vancouver Donor Center has just been open over a year now and offers some state of the art comforts for the donation experience.

For the complete ‘Day 49’ post, click me!


  • Scott,

    Thank you for the kind words and the shout out. It really is appreciated. I'm glad you're finding the site helpful and informative. That's really one of the reasons I created it. I also hear that question on a daily basis. I'm creating a starting point to help introduce people to our community and encourage them to get out, explore and enjoy.

    Take care,

    Dale (365 Things)

  • Thanks Dale for providing this and helping promote the new donor center! It can definitely be difficult for Vancouver to get some credit with such busy neighbors, however I also know that Clark County is really picking up it's game and offering some serious challenges and reasons for Oregonians to head up north. Glad that the Red Cross donor center can be one of them! 🙂


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