Who Knew? Earthquakes

Fellow blogger Scott just tipped me off to a really cool series of videos — Yahoo’s Who Knew? daily takes on topics in the news.

Monday’s video examined earthquakes and it’s chockful of facts, figures and — dare I say it? — fun. Yes, these videos are educational AND entertaining; just what we love around here!

There’s still a little time to get up to speed on your ‘quake know-how before Earthquake Month is over. Check out our preparedness tips page and get 20% off the purchase of your disaster kit!

One thought on “Who Knew? Earthquakes

  • I thought it was interesting to see that in the chart of the top 15 recorded Earthquakes in the United States, while 9 of the top 10 were in Alaska the one exception is worthy of note. #2 on that list was the 1700 Cascadia Subduction Zone quake, which was recorded far before any other quake on the list because it had such a massive impact we can trace it back. It hit in this area, and it hit hard, which is why it is important to be prepared!

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