6 People You’ve Never Heard of Who Probably Saved Your Life

Henrietta Lacks.

Donald Henderson.

Norman Borlaug.

Are any of these names familiar? No? Well, maybe they should be. And maybe, just maybe, you owe them a sincere thank you.

Yes, the three people mentioned above made the cut for Cracked’s list of “6 People You’ve Never Heard of Who Probably Saved Your Life.”

Who else made the list? James Harrison, the man with the golden arm, and Henri Dunant, a college dropout who went on to win the first Nobel Peace Prize for creating the Red Cross.

Every accomplishment is notable and most often inspiring…read on!

P.S. When you say thanks to Henri Dunant, don’t forget to also wish him a happy birthday. That happens this Saturday, May 8, also known as World Red Cross Red Crescent Day.


  • *raises hand*
    I've heard of Henri Dunant! I did a project on him in Nobel Peace Prize class! (Yes, that's an actual elective at my super-amazing school. :P)
    I've also heard of most of the others. 😛
    Not bad for a just-turned-14-year-old who's technically supposed to be in 7th grade, eh?

  • 😀 LEP is totally awesome.
    (We're establishing a Portland Peace Prize of our own, in fact, and I'm campaigning as hard as I can for the Oregon Trail Red Cross Chapter to be on the list of nominees. 😛 )

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