Will Lasers be included in future first aid?

I went to see the new Iron Man over the weekend, and there certainly was a lot of destruction caused by Lasers. With all the pop-culture references to Lasers causing massive destruction, is it hard to believe that Lasers might be an essential part of a future first aid kit?

According to WIRED, the Air Force is working on a promising system involving lasers and nano-technology. The process would replace the sutures and staples traditionally used to repair wounded skin. Instead of being sealed up with a needle and thread, a patient’s wound would be coated in a dye, then exposed to green light for 2-3 minutes. The dye absorbs the light and catalyzes molecular bonds between the tissue’s collagen.

The bonds instantly create a seal that’s watertight, which prevents inflammation or risk of infection, and speeds up the formation of scar tissue.

This might sound like something straight out of Star Trek, however this is a reality that sounds like a less painful and efficient version of cauterization. And it can be applied to almost any tissue, including eye tissue, which can be provided as field treatment before more intensive surgery.

Image: Dermal Regenerator in Star Trek, Memory Alpha


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