‘Space’ for more preparedness!

Apparently there is space for more preparedness, thanks to a new program NASA is leading. For the West Coast, they are working on developing the Real-time Earthquake Analysis for Disaster […]

“Whenever you call me, I’ll be there!”

Dedicated blood, double red cell or apheresis donor heroes: our Web page functionality to schedule blood donations will be down today until early Monday next week. Your donation is so […]

Are you ‘Tech Ready’ for a disaster?

In our increasingly technologically reliant society, people are finding new ways to communicate during and after a disaster. For example, during the Japanese crisis and East Coast earthquake people went […]

SOS! Very Emergency (App)!

In honor of our brand spankin’ new ‘S.O.S by the American Red Cross’ free app for Android phones, I give you…The Promise Ring. And now for the technical details: Once […]

CONTEST: Giving You Some Peace Of Mind

Frontier Communications and the Oregon Red Cross are committed to keeping you connected and prepared before, during and after a disaster. Now were teaming up to get you digitally prepared! […]

Gimme Shelter

Let’s play a game called Guess What iPhone App I Just Downloaded? Hint: it’s not Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. (Though those are both fun apps.) Nope. It’s the new […]

Dvice Image Of The Day: 4.4 Earthquake Simulation

From Dvice: The folks at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are creating mock earthquakes — the sim pictured represents a 4.4-magnitude tremor in a valley in northern Greece. From there, architects […]

Check In On Foursquare When You Donate Blood!

Smartphone user? Apparently, this means my phone is “dumb,” but for those with more cell phone firepower, today marks the launch of an exciting new foursquare app for blood donors! […]

Help Or Hinderance? Technology In The Wild

I’ve talked before about the 10 Essentials — the items you need for a day trip (or overnight) in the wilderness. We’ve even done a Ready Radio episode on the […]

Another Item for your Future First-Aid Kit

Last month we heard about a promising laser system being developed by the Air Force that would quickly bond tissues like skin for faster healing and prevention of infection. This […]