Staying Alert To Wacky Weather

Last week, Portland was experiencing some typically strange weather. For several days in a row, we’d have 5 minutes of pouring rain, 5 minutes of giant hail and then — […]

Red Cross Wish List: 2010

As 2009 and “the double ohs” decade closed, many reflected on our world’s progress in the last year. While browsing my Popular Science Magazine listserv around NYE*, I was blown […]


So…just like Lise is fairly certain the writers for The Office read our blog (see here, here and here) …I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s game developers are following us as well. […]

Hey iPhone Users, Check This Out!

Are you hiding from your boss with your iPhone, blasting meteors instead of being productive? Well, now there’s an iPhone application that can help save your dog or cat’s life! […]

The Wii: A Great Jenny Craig Supplement!

One of the more famous services the Red Cross provides are CPR classes. Heart disease, as we all know, is the leading cause of death in the United States. One […]

Manikin of the future?

Meet SimMan 3G, an artificial human that gives advanced CPR and first aid feedback. This robot can convulse, go into cardiac arrest, bleed and secrete from its eyes…just to name […]