Red Cross Wish List: 2010

As 2009 and “the double ohs” decade closed, many reflected on our world’s progress in the last year. While browsing my Popular Science Magazine listserv around NYE*, I was blown away by 2009’s incredible offerings of science, technology and more. So, for Red Cross blog readers near and far, I now give you my prepare-aphernalia wish list for the Portland Red Cross!


Israeli scientists have created a cell phone tower system that hones flood predictability down to an hour prior to its impact.
Survivor Buddy, a Texas A & M University invention, seeks out and communicates between survivors and search and rescue workers!
Bristol Uniforms, a UK company, has created a fireproof uniform that is 30 percent lighter than its US counterparts, allowing for breathability, comfort and fire protection.

First Aid and Cardiac Emergencies
SAM Medical’s Celox Trauma Gauze will seal gashes and cool burns simultaneously by absorbing 16 times its weight in blood and, once applied to water, evaporates into a gel that cools wounds for up to 20 hours. (This may be the best “just-add-water” invention since Instant Snow…a nice holiday gift for those in tropical environs.)
3M/Littman has created the Electronic Stethescope in combination with Zargis Cadioscan. By amplifying heart beats and recognizing abnormalities in heart murmurs, this stethoscope literally never misses a beat! Once it detects the lubs and dubs of your heart, the device transmits the information to the doctor by Bluetooth and a near real-time graph on PC screens!

Flu Pandemics
-For those aware of the germs among us, Purleve‘s Hygienic Door Knob has a self-cleaning design that brings you comfort in bacteria-laden places such as public restrooms.
Filligent Limited has created the BioMask, an unprecedented flu-killing device. While normal masks can allow up to 50,000 flu bugs to live, the BioMask’s technology eliminates 99.9 percent of cooties within a minute of contact! Not sold yet? Well, for penny-pinchers, the mask’s virus elimination makes it a reusable resource!

Well, that’s my list. If only we had unlimited funds to purchase these magnificent inventions! Red Cross services can always be improved through generous donations however -a gift that is much appreciated. Happy holidays and best of luck in the new decade!

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*Since when did this New Year’s Eve abbreviation pop up? NYE will always mean Bill Nye to me.


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