“Pint for Pint” Blood Drive

I don’t know about you, but after a blood drive on a hot spring day there is one thing I really want… ice cream! Apparently I’m not the only one.

The American Red Cross and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream are teaming up for the “Pint for Pint” blood drive on Saturday, May 15, 2010. This event will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream on Southeast Hawthorne Street in Portland, located at 1420 SE 36th Avenue (a block from the Eastside Powells). All presenting blood donors will be offered a free pint of ice cream from a selection of flavors.

Tim Watters is the owner of the participating Ben and Jerry’s location. He has sponsored this event since 2008. Watters said he has a responsibility to give back to the community. “First and foremost it has been an honor to be affiliated with the Red Cross.” In total, the “Pint for Pint” blood drives have collected 330 units of blood for hospital patients.

All interested participants can make an appointment online by using sponsor code “benjerry”. Donor appointments are not required, but are preferred.

What better way to replenish your sugars after a donation? This begs the question: which flavor of ice cream would you want after donating blood? Cheesecake Brownie? Fossil Fuel? Come down and maybe you will want S’more!

Photo: Ben & Jerry’s Hawthorne


  • If I was old enough to donate blood (and I will be in two years!) I would so participate in this event. I'd get chocolate ice cream.
    And then give it to the people in my family who actually eat ice cream. XD

  • I actually tend to do the same 🙂 I know blood donations give someone a smile, and getting something from it to pass along (like ice cream) that can create a smile adds to the sense of giving!

    We actually get quite a few underage participants at our drives as volunteers. Something to consider that helps spread smiles as well!

  • I've actually looked at being a blood drive volunteer. And, well, let's just say that while I'd love to, I'm incredibly squeamish!

    Because I'm such a wuss around bodily fluids, I'm looking into other volunteer opportunities, and hoping to do an internship with the Red Cross. 😀 (Through my school, LEP, since internships are mandatory if you want to graduate.)

  • It is normal and natural to have issues with blood donation, which is why I strongly encourage those who might be 'squeamish' to volunteer. Volunteering is a great opportunity to see the actual process, eliminate misconceptions, and hear why individuals just like you donate blood. Additionally, there are many volunteer opportunities that don't involve being around blood, yet still help with the life saving process!

  • Haha, I'll talk to my mom about it, but, in light of what happened last time I was confronted with the sight of blood donation… well, I hope I can retain my full consciousness next time. Maybe blood drive volunteering can help me get over that. XD

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