Join Us Tomorrow for Movie Night!

Tomorrow at 6pm we’ll kick off the first event in our FREE film series, Humanity Through the Lens: Exploring the Law of War through Cinema.

A screening of the Academy Award-nominated film, Hotel Rwanda will be followed by discussion of the role of international humanitarian law, the rights of people caught in the midst of conflict, and how the Red Cross can function and maintain neutrality in such situations. (This incredible article is a good primer on the topic, if you’re interested.)

Thursday, May 20, 6-9pm
American Red Cross, Oregon Trail Chapter
3131 N. Vancouver Ave., Portland, OR 97227
Cost: FREE, including theater-style popcorn and soft drinks.


  • 'Hotel Rwanda' is an amazing film that helps bring to light what happens in the sad reality of the international community stepping back in situations instead of stepping in. The horrible sequence of events in the Rwanda genocide has certainly helped change policy and bring focus to the hardships of Africa and how pouring money and food at a problem is not always a solution.

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