Having A Ball With Lifejackets

With sudden downpours, high winds and power outages across Oregon, I can pretty much bet that you’re not thinking about summer.

Strangely, in Canada (where the weather can’t possibly be any better), they are*.

Today’s RedCrossTalks blog post takes you to the beach, where they show off some hot models and cool…lifejackets? That’s right — they’re busting myths that all lifejackets are orange and puffy. There’s one that’s even hot pink and downright sleek!

Check out all the hip H2Options here.

When you’re done with that, you might check out the recent poll conducted by our NHQ friends that shows that two-thirds of Americans have experienced a summer emergency. And, yes, that could easily include a lifejacket-less near-drowning situation.

Read up on the poll here…

…and then consider gearing up for the nice days ahead with our summer safety tips and a good lifejacket.

* Okay, those Canucks aren’t crazy. They’re talking about lifejackets because today is actually National Lifejacket Day. Did you know there was such a thing?


  • I love that in the poll's regional values, it looks like the 'West' scores either best or second best with all of the variables. i.e.- the West seems to be the safest, and the best trained/confident in their abilities. According to the polls, at least.

    It still seems like a good idea to prepare for the summer and the inviting outdoors weather.

  • Haha, my Canadian friend Brenna has been complaining about the weather where she lives lately. But she still probably participated in any National Lifejacket Day events in her area, knowing her!

    PS The last time I wore a lifejacket was when I went rafting on the Rogue River with my Scout troop. I, along with most of the rest of my Girl Scout troop, ended up jumping out of the boats and swimming, because we were bored with trading insults with one of the guides! No one got (severely) hurt. At least physically. XD

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