Dragon Boaters Paddle To The Finish!

Is there anything tougher-sounding than a “Dragon Boat Team?” I think not. This past weekend, the Red Cross Racers, our group of awesomely aquatic staff and volunteers, competed in the Rose Festival’s Dragon Boat Race.

When seconds counted, this crew blew away the competition in the quarter-finals with a first place position that earned them a semi-final finish for the year. This came from nearly three months of weekly 3-hour-long practices – work that started back in late March!

The Portland Red Cross Dragon Boat team is a group of staff members and friends from all over the Red Cross services: blood collection, health and safety, financial development and even a former CEO. We’ve had a presence at the Dragon Boat competition since 2003 and we definitely plan to keep the tradition going next year!
Go Red Cross Racers!