A little blog-love for one committed woman:

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a disaster preparedness presentation to some of the employees at Ashland Inc. www.ashland.com We were invited by Kim Nutt, the Portland plant’s head […]

Ride for Red Hits PDX!

A Canadian beauty queen and an Olympic bobsledder rode their bikes through Portland; one stop on their 4000km (2485 mile) “Ride For Red” from Calgary, Alberta to Santa Monica, California. […]


Tuesday was the third annual “One Red Cross” Multi-Cultural Celebration, but as a newbie to this chapter it was my first time attending. As I write this I’m already looking […]

Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all the Red Cross activity going on lately! A Star Wars blood drive, youth awards, a Zombie Squad preparedness night, Twilight movie jewelry […]

Dragon Boaters Paddle To The Finish!

Is there anything tougher-sounding than a “Dragon Boat Team?” I think not. This past weekend, the Red Cross Racers, our group of awesomely aquatic staff and volunteers, competed in the […]

Facebook Funtime

Facebook. Where would I be without you? No really, where would I actually, physically be without you? Certainly not on my couch wrapped up in my Snuggie with my laptop […]

James and Abigail

I volunteered for a few hours on Thursday night at the emergency warming center and had the pleasure of meeting James and Abigail. For the fourth night, both were at […]

Our New Comcast PSA

Thanks to our wonderful partners at Comcast, we’ve developed a PSA that will be airing on the cable channels throughout the next month. I’m not 100% sure that it’s on […]

Did someone say free Burgerville?

I love Burgerville. I don’t usually eat fast food, but there’s something about their (veggie)burgers that I just can’t resist…and their berry yogurt smoothies and their sweet potato fries and […]

What the VISTA?!

The security at OTC is first-rate. Just minutes after some enthusiastic VISTA members climbed atop the American Red Cross sign, a guard walked out the revolving door asking that the […]