Facebook Funtime

Facebook. Where would I be without you? No really, where would I actually, physically be without you? Certainly not on my couch wrapped up in my Snuggie with my laptop as I often am. But probably out in the real world visiting friends face-to-face. Weird.

Well, regardless of how much time facebook sucks away from my life, I love it. It’s a great, quick (if not lazy) way to get information about friends, family and organizations. Speakin’ of, did you know that the Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter now has a facebook page? You can find it here: www.facebook.com/RedCrossPdx

Photo from icanhascheezburger.com


  • Tara- I'm going to try and get you some Facebook info next week. There is this list of stats as to how many years of time people spend on Facebook each day! It was from a big presentation on social media for event planners that was in Portland earlier this week. Facebook definitely has changed just about everything- keeping in contact with so many friends is ridiculous! Three of the last four times I went to the mall this Holiday season I had random folks shout 'Scott!!!' as we ran into each other unexpectedly. It's a small world, after all…

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