Rep for the Red Cross!

During Red Cross Month this March, show your social network how you’re a hero! On Facebook or Twitter? So is the Red Cross! Check out our “I Am the Red […]

The Perfect Gift

You can gift wrap a sweater. You can place a bow on a shiny new bicycle. You can fill a gift bag with holiday cookies. One thing you can’t put […]

Spreading The Flames Of Hope

When housefires happen, people lose everything. And when you think about the fact that fires happen every 80 seconds, you realize that that’s a LOT of precious memories, destroyed in […]

Join the Red Cross Racing Tweetstakes Today!

What is the Red Cross Racing Tweetstakes? Don’t miss the chance to win prizes by answering trivia questions! Be part of the Red Cross Racing Tweetstakes campaign with the Red […]

Facebook+Clorox=$ for the Red Cross

What’s the coolest thing that Clorox has done since color-safe bleach? I may be biased, but I’d say it’s their support of the Red Cross. For more than 20 years, […]

In the Time it Takes to Give Blood…

Farmville, Facebook, squirrels on water skis…we’re all guilty of a little internet distraction (Red Cross followers are exempt!). However, when getting hooked on useless web browsing, do you ever wish […]

HawthoRNe: The TV Show, Not The Street

You know what I don’t do during the summer? Watch TV. Even though I’m the least sporty girl ever (the term “glamping” was basically coined for me), I attempt to […]

Go Neal!

Does anyone remember the blog post on Neal Gorman? As Chairman of the Brooklyn Chapter of the American Red Cross, Neal is a big fan of our organization. He’s also […]

Facebook Funtime

Facebook. Where would I be without you? No really, where would I actually, physically be without you? Certainly not on my couch wrapped up in my Snuggie with my laptop […]

Run Neal, RUN!

Much like Forrest Gump, Neal Gorman is running. While Forrest just decides to run one day, Neal however, is running for a cause. Not only has he raised over $2400, […]