Watch 30 Hour Day. Be Entertained. Support A Good Cause.

And so it begins.

Starting this afternoon at 4 pm, a dedicated group of individuals will do their best to entertain YOU around the clock. All online and all on behalf of three awesome PDX charities — p:ear, Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon Trail Chapter (that’s us!). Read more about the project in this Oregonian article.

I hope you’ll tune in over the next 30 hours — hence the name, 30 Hour Day — and you’ll at least watch live at 4pm when you might catch a glimpse of me and Robin.

Please support 30 Hour Day. These guys aren’t professional fundraisers, but are doing a great job. And we want to see 30 Hour Day become a model worldwide.

Watch the stream now!

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One thought on “Watch 30 Hour Day. Be Entertained. Support A Good Cause.

  • Dammit, how come I always miss you two when you're on the air?
    I was presenting my architecture project at Mercy Corps at four this afternoon. 🙁

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