Good bye AmeriCorps!!

So yesterday marked the last official day of our chapter’s AmeriCorp team’s service year! AmeriCorps members devote a year of their lives to “getting things done”, strengthening communities, developing their skills and expanding their opportunities. Through service at a nonprofit organization (in this case, the American Red Cross) members address pressing educational, environmental, homeland security, public safety and other health and human needs locally. Very admirable. Since I can’t teach CPR/First Aid classes til I get certified myself (TOMORROW!! FINALLY!) this department has kind of ‘adopted’ me for my first few weeks here. I have gone from shadowing presentations of Together We Prepare to teaching ALERT (Fire Safety) to third graders with them!

Anne, Nate, Carley and Patty (three of which are contributors to this blog) are amazing, quality people and praises for their hard work is all I’ve been hearing this week. In the short time I’ve known them, I have gained an overwhelming wealth of knowledge. In fact, the office has been having little conference room parties and ice cream excursions in honor of their service here. Those aren’t too uncommon here, I think I’ve been to five (?!) office parties in the past month.
All this is to say how great the people working behind Red Cross truly are. I’ve work at many places where when a coworker leaves, no one really cares. They might get a pat on the back and a farewell card at best, but it’s so different here! The work force here cares a lot about each other and even dedicated, long-term volunteers get parties when they leave. Maybe it’s the whole non-profit thing…the people here work because they simply love their jobs. Or at least from what I’ve gathered, they feel a genuine need and purpose and fulfillment at the end of the day. How many people can say that?
Whether it be with the Red Cross or not, I hope I find as much meaning and purpose in my future career as the folks here do! And when I finish my internship…maybe I’ll get a farewell party too 🙂

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