Ice Cream + Volunteerism = The Perfect Combo

The only thing that’s better than the warm fuzzy feeling you get from volunteering (maybe for the Buy A Blanket campaign?) is the icy cold feeling you get from eating ice cream when it’s hot out.

Here’s your chance to do both.

Just go to this site, search for ways to volunteer, pick one and submit your contact info. You’ll get a follow-up e-mail with a coupon for free ice cream AND a way to send coupons to 5 friends by inviting them to volunteer as well.

Pretty sweet!

The best part of the deal is that it’s not just ANY ice cream…it’s Ben & Jerry’s. And, you could even pick the adorably named flavors of Berry Voluntary or Brownie Chew Gooder, which elicit both a groan and a grin.

No matter how you volunteer or for whom you do it, I hope that — like eating ice cream in the summer — you make it a habit.

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