Handy Prepare-aphernalia: Crank Water Purifer

Not feeling your fittest? There’s nothing like a disaster to get you in good shape.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure that you’d have Michelle Obama arms after just a day or two. Why? Because everything you need is operated by hand crank!

It’s true. There are crank radios and crank flashlights. And now, there’s one more piece of “handy” prepare-aphernalia…a hand-powered water purifier.

GearJunkie describes it like this:

The SteriPEN Sidewinder has a crank arm to power its water-purifying UV-light mechanism. The result is a protozoa-zapping contraption that purifies suspect water and can go completely off the grid.

Step 1: Fill the unit’s one-liter bottle and attach the Sidewinder.
Step 2: Flip the bottle and Sidewinder upside down and unfold the handle.
Step 3: Crank until green LED indicates successful purification.
Step 4: Drink up!

The Sidewinder isn’t available quite yet, but come September it should retail for $99.95.

So what do you think? Could cranks be the new secret to our First Lady’s fighting figure?

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