“Dunant” Yourself!

Chances are, if you remember nothing else about Red Cross founder Henry Dunant after yesterday’s little history lesson, you’ll remember his beard.
Man, could that guy grow a killer beard.
And now – thanks to the DunantMyself web app from the Austrian Red Cross – you, too, can have your own awesome Dunant beard! How awesome is that!
I chose Young Dunant Beard, but you can also pick Old Dunant Beard, or even Painted Portrait of Dunant Beard.
So Dunant Yourself in honor of the 100th anniversary of his death. Yes, it’s goofy. That’s what’s great about it. It’s a ridiculous(ly awesome) way to show your support for the Red Cross/Red Crescent humanitarian movement. You can even post the photo directly to facebook!
I dare you to make it your profile pic.

P.S. “Solferino Sucks” refers to the Battle of Solferino not the current day town, which I’m sure it’s pretty cool.


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