One Heroic Cat

Fellow cat people rejoice! Finally a feline is being honored as a hero.

A cat named Nudge saved his humans from a fire by waking them in the night. And the American Red Cross of Central New York is honoring him for that heroic act at their annual Real Heroes Breakfast.
Many a dog* has had this honor bestowed upon them (notably, Jack the Chihuahua, who was awarded hero status at our Breakfast of Champions this past year), but this is the first official Red Cross cat hero I’ve heard of.
Congratulations, Nudge!
*and, of course, many more humans.

One thought on “One Heroic Cat

  • Did you see the news last night? A plane crashed in Aurora, and while the pilot unfortunately died the plane also had a dog on board. The dog miraculously survived seemingly unhurt (besides burnt fur) and went for help at a local elementary school. Animals might not be super smart, but they certainly have the ability to be heroes!

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