Celebrate Fat Tuesday, Eat A Cupcake!

What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than with CUPCAKES?!

That’s right — our incredible friends at Cupcakes Jones have whipped up a special one-day-only promotion. All day long, 5% of proceeds from your cupcake purchase will go to support your Portland Red Cross. How delicious!
While all of their flavors are delectable, I’ll point out that on Tuesdays, you can walk out with Chocolate Banana, which is one of my favorite combos of all time.
And, in MORE good news, any orders you place and pay for today (by phone — 503-222-4404 — or in-person) for parties, weddings and other celebrations will be included in the 5% promotion.
So get ordering…and if you’d like to pick up something for me, I LOVE their cream cheese and fudge frosting shots. Why bother with cake when you can eat straight up icing? Nom nom nom…


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