Artwork for Tsunami Relief

Nationwide we are seeing a great deal of support to the American Red Cross for Japanese disaster relief. Now Milwaukie (Oregon) based comic-book publisher Dark Horse Comics is joining in by putting to auction a collection of Hellboy memorabilia with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross. The auction includes original artwork by Duncan Fegredo, several signed limited edition comics, and signed busts of both Hellboy and his partner Abe Sapien;

Original Artwork by Duncan Fegredo – “Hellboy with Origami Crane”
-Signed Books from Duncan Fegredo:
-2 sets of signed comics
-Full Series: Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Hellboy: Wild Hunt, Hellboy: The Storm
-Signed Free Comic Book Day Comic: The Mole
-2 sets of signed and sketched graphic novels
-Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Wild Hunt & Crooked Man

Signed editions from the personal collection of Mike Mignola:
-Hellboy: Seed of Destruction (Limited Edition / Out of Print)
-Signed bust of Hellboy (Limited Edition 1/3000)
-Signed bust of Abe Sapien (Limited Edition 1/3000)

For more information, visit the auction here! The auction ends Thursday morning (April 2nd).

Illustration: Art for Sale/ Dark Horse Blog