Artwork for Tsunami Relief

Nationwide we are seeing a great deal of support to the American Red Cross for Japanese disaster relief. Now Milwaukie (Oregon) based comic-book publisher Dark Horse Comics is joining in […]

Believe It Or Not

Check out the lower panel on this Ripley’s Believe It Or Not comic… Incredible, huh? How lucky that the delivery guy knew CPR! But here at the Red Cross we […]

Five Years Later

This Sunday will mark the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. There are so many stories to tell about such a huge and devastating event. Here are just five of them. […]

How To Name A Volcano

Now that flights in Europe are resuming and Iceland’s volcanic ash clouds are fertilizing the oceans, our attention is drawn to the “wilting” flower industry. With that said, I thought […]

Save Lives, Give Yolk!

In honor of Easter (and Passover!), we’re passing along a question from our friends at the American Red Cross of Montclair-Glen Ridge-Nutley. Q: If human beings give blood, what do […]

Tornado Hunter

Hahaha! I just had to share this XKCD comic with you guys. I haven’t seen a tornado since I migrated here from the Midwest, and to tell you the truth […]

A Little Laugh To Start Your Day

Thanks to our friend Dede for yet another great CPR-themed comic our way… Via If you want to brush up on your “dance moves,” sign up for a short […]