Winter storm wrap-up and thank you!

The Governor’s office sent us a nice note – actually they sent it to Tricia who, along with a roomful of incredible staff and volunteers and over 100 responders in the field, led our response – to thank us for our efforts during the winter storm.

In the note they said. “The shelters and assistance were critical for the central coast, Willamette Valley and out in Hood River.”

Hear Hear! Over the course of the storm, the Oregon Chapters of the American Red Cross:

Opened 9 shelters and evacuation centers and assisted several more;

Red Cross workers served over 600 meals and snacks;
Volunteers distributed over 130 clean up and comfort kits, and;
Over 8 days we had 200 people responding to the storms, doing damage assessments, helping displaced families and working with local communities to make sure everyone was safe and well.

All this was on top of opening our warming center in Portland for 2 nights for over 150 people just prior to the storm hitting.

As we catch our breath, we thank everyone who helped out, volunteered, donated blood and supported us in our efforts. We couldn’t do it without you!