Talk about it. Prepare Out Loud.

now have permission to talk about “it.” You can talk about it while you are out
jogging with a friend, across the table at the corner coffee shop, and yes,
even at work around the proverbial water cooler.
“it” topic is a simple one – preparedness, yet we avoid it much like we avoid
talking about other seemingly unsightly subjects such as flossing or changing
our socks.  These are necessary tasks we
prefer not to discuss with others.  Not
because it is unimportant.  Arguably,
changing your socks is very important; just ask your spouse or the guy shares
your cubicle.
is potentially catastrophic earthquake looming on our horizon, so why aren’t we
hosting preparedness parties instead of “The Bachelor” watch-a-thons? We could
be using these precious hours to share the best places to store an emergency
kit, discuss the shelf life of certain foods, and research different methods of
securing your home to its foundation. Instead, we’re screaming at our TV sets
“don’t give her a rose!”
all like to think we are ready and maybe you
are, but is your mother, your child’s school, or the friendly checker at the
grocery store?
American Red Cross is now giving you permission, and the tools, to talk out
loud, about preparedness.  
don’t have to be a survivalist to be ready to weather a disaster and able to
help your neighbors. You do need to be willing to take digestible steps such as
stocking food and water, learning now to turn off the natural gas, and having a
plan to connect with family members near and far when your cell phone is out of
June 1 Prepare Out Loud presentation will empower you to be ready for disasters
of all kinds (including a Cascadia earthquake) by taking practical steps to
start preparing, being vocal about your preparedness, and encouraging others to
start preparing. Hosted at the Red Cross Cascades’ Regional Office (3131 N.
Vancouver, Portland), you will learn more about the science of the Cascade
Subduction Zone, human behavior during a disaster, what to expect during and
after the quake, how you can locate your loved ones after a disaster, and what
supplies you will need to survive.
is even a session for your children (aged 5 – 11). Bring them to the
Preparedness Pals and Pillowcase Presentation taking place simultaneously.
Out Loud 
June 1, 2016, from 6:00-7:30 pm
Cross Cascades Region Headquarters:   3131 N. Vancouver Ave.,
for this free event. Visit