A Message from Cascades Region CEO, Dale Kunce

Dale Kunce, American Red Cross Cascades Region Chief Executive Officer

Together we have watched the painful events of the recent week unfold across the country and in our region. The senseless death of George Floyd has laid bare generations of wounds in our communities and resulted in the difficult, but necessary, conversations we are having as a nation. 

In the Cascades Region we have seen peaceful protests escalate at the hands of a few, resulting in significant damage in several cities, adding to existing feelings of uncertainty and anxiety during a global pandemic. The scenes we are witnessing each day are emotional, raw, complex and challenge each of our views of the world. While we all have differing opinions, I want to be clear, the Red Cross and all Red Crossers, stand strongly and resoundingly to reject hate, racism and bigotry of any kind. 

Our seven Fundamental Principals of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality are the foundation of all we do. In this tough time for our nation and our region, I am steadfastly committed to the Cascades Region putting humanity first, spreading kindness and delivering our mission wherever – and to whomever – it is needed. 

For over 100 years, the Red Cross Cascades Region has served as a beacon in our communities. Compassionate volunteers of all backgrounds, lighting the way to provide help, hope and comfort to those who have faced some of the most challenging days of their lives. We do not, and will not, discriminate in whose lives we help rebuild and we will share our humanity with all who need it. 

This past week, I have found it hard to find the right words to convey my emotions. There is no easy answer. There are more difficult days ahead. While this unpredictability can hold us back, I ask you to join me in boldly following our Red Cross values. Live them proudly and let us continue to be a light of hope in all the communities we serve.  

Dale Kunce, American Red Cross Cascades Region Chief Executive Officer