Red Cross Tips for a Safe Summer

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer when all of us begin enjoying the outdoors and sunshine. The American Red Cross wants everyone to have fun and offers the […]

What Do We Do Now?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had to recover from a devastating loss such as a home fire or a natural disaster like a flood or […]

Red Cross First Aid Training Saved a Friend

“I can’t look at a piece of bacon now without reliving the day I almost choked on one,” said Heather Wilson.   It was late November, mild and overcast. Wilson […]

Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?

None of us enjoys thinking about what would happen after we pass on, but the cold reality is that it’s better to handle these details now rather than leave them […]

Sounding the Alarm in Madras

On the afternoon of January 5, 2018, not even two months after Bobbi Gilbert and Red Cross volunteers installed smoke alarms in Gilbert’s home and other homes in the Warm […]

Sounding the Alarm in Sutherlin

Pauline Johnson is, in her own words, a sound sleeper. A very sound sleeper. So sound, in fact, that when the 83-year-old’s home caught fire in May 2017, she slept […]