Tea Time

Our COO, Gareth, is from England, and for his birthday a few of the folks here threw him a surprise tea party in the conference room. It was, again, the classic ruse: tell him he’s got a meeting at 2:00, and when he walks into the “meeting” he is greeted by the whole staff clapping. So I’m sure he suspected something when he was told to come to the conference room, but I don’t think he could have guessed exactly what he would find.

In adition to a lovely array of tea made in fancy teapots that people brought from home, there were homemade cucumber sandwiches, scones, jam, Devonshire cream, cookies (“biscuits” to our English audience), cupcakes and coffee cake. Enough to satisfy even the most rampant sweet tooth.
But the best part was that it left Gareth – known for his abundance of British witticisms – speechless. Good times.

Check out our Flickr for photos of the fancy tea pots and Gareth demonstrating proper tea technique.

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