CPR/AED Awareness Week

This week is CPR/AED Awareness week! I’ve been doing some digital decorating in honor of the occasion. It’s like the Internet equivalent of throwing a party. I’ve put up a banner (see top of blog homepage), found some entertainment (see below), and I’m even handing out “party favors” in the form of links to CPR/AED resources (work with me here as I stretch the party analogy). 

All this week we’re going to keep celebrating on the blog, bringing you a new CPR themed video every day and hopefully finding you some more interesting links and resources along the way. 
So happy CPR/AED week! Here are your first two party favors:
  • This site where you can learn how to Be Red Cross Ready 
  • and this site where you look up classes. 
And your entertainment for today: A CPR dance video. (Yes, you read that correctly.) I have no idea who made it, but I’m tellin’ ya this dance craze is going to catch on… (I think they’re miming chest compressions. Watch below or click here.)