Three Things You Should Know…

Just wanted to add three things:

1. I’ve started a poll in the upper right corner of the blog. Vote now for why YOU give blood. I’ll be donating soon myself, but that’s another post for the future.

2. Robin and I have NOTHING to do with the Biffle kidnapping. Honest to god, we are not involved. When we get the news, we post it. But I can assure you that we have absolutely no clue who’s behind it…other than that they’re pretty darned clever.

3. Biffle’s isn’t the only kidnapping in Portland. Seems there’s a rash of them lately. Fortunately, the folks over at the Portland Mercury got their MusicFest NW letters back. You can watch a video from the kidnappers here.

Portland is a dangerous town, folks. Watch out.


  • How is this possible??

    Tomorrow morning – 8/13 – Greg Biffle (Red Cross spokesperson) will conduct live interviews (from the midway) with two of our local radio stations.
    1) The Morning Update with Scott Lynn and Paul Linman on – AM 1190 KEX – at 6:11 am
    2) The Morning Sports Page – FM 95.5 The Game KXTG – at 6:30 am

  • Hmmm…Daphne Mathew from Blood Services tells me that “…he must be calling in from the basement of his captor!”

    Kidnappers — I hope you have a good explanation for this!

  • i thing the only plausible explanation is that you, Robin and Daphne cooked this whole thing up for media hype!

  • Cross my heart, I promise I don't know who the kidnappers are! They're acting of their own volition.

    To save Biffle, I have no choice but to give in to their demands. I'm signing up for the Friends & Family blood drive next Tuesday.

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