Vroom vroom vroom…

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines…because Red Cross Racing time is here! The NASCAR season is upon us and the Red Cross Racing blood donor competition is back for it’s […]

Biffle Kidnappers Revealed!

With all the action on the Blog-Off front, we nearly forgot about the kidnapping of Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout]. If you recall, after a threatening phone call, numerous […]

Biffle’s Captors Demand More Blood Donors!

Just before Lise left work today she found yet another ransom note taped to her door! It says “Greg couldn’t pose for this photo. He’s feeling a little water blogged […]

Biffle’s Life Hangs In The Balance

Okay, the kidnapper is getting a little testy. This time, he/she has hoisted Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout] up to the tip top of the Fremont Bridge. And then […]

An Open Letter To The Biffle Kidnapper

Oh kidnapper. You think you’re so smart with the brownies and the cookies and all. But we have figured you out. See, we just got an e-mail from our boss […]

Biffle Kidnapper Wants Your Children!

Another day, another threat to Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout]’s life. This time, the kidnapper seem to be taking Greg on a whirlwind tour of N. Portland. From what […]

Three Things You Should Know…

Just wanted to add three things: 1. I’ve started a poll in the upper right corner of the blog. Vote now for why YOU give blood. I’ll be donating soon […]

Biffle Kidnapping: No Laughing Matter

Lesson learned: the kidnappers have no sense of humor. I sent them a note yesterday, implying that their ransom requests sounded like little more than a picnic in the cafeteria […]

Biffle’s Kidnappers Spell Out Their Demands

The kidnappers have spoken. Below you’ll find exactly what the evil-doers who snatched Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout] want from all of us. I assure you, these are their […]

Spotted: Proof Of Greg Biffle’s Capture

So it has been determined. On Monday morning, the marketing and development staff have scheduled an urgent meeting. We’ll be discussing how to raise money for the “Save Greg Biffle […]