Biffle Kidnapper Wants Your Children!

Another day, another threat to Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout]’s life.

This time, the kidnapper seem to be taking Greg on a whirlwind tour of N. Portland. From what we can tell, he is outside of Boise Eliot Elementary, a school just down the street from our headquarters and (suspiciously) where we’ve been teaching health and safety classes for SEI students. Point being, ANYONE could have taken this photo.

The message that went along with it reads, “The deadline is around the corner! Greg may have to be schooled the hard way! Kids can use training too!”

The kidnapper is right — kids CAN use training. To meet the demand of 50 sign-ups for Red Cross classes, you could enroll your child in babysitter’s training or water safety classes. Or much more.

We can’t meet the demands on our own, folks. Robin and I have already signed up for the Friends and Family blood drive and we’ll be taking our refresher CPR courses this month. What are YOU doing to help get Greg back?

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  • Dude, I just donated today! I tried explaining the Biffle kidnapping to the intake nurse, and she just gave me a funny look. Even if my donation doesn’t count towards getting Greg back, at least it will save a life!

  • Magi, we LOVE help from other Red Cross chapters! In fact, you could REALLY help us out next week during the Blog-Off.

    We’ll keep you posted on how you can vote for Cross Blog and help us out!

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