Spotted: Proof Of Greg Biffle’s Capture

So it has been determined.

On Monday morning, the marketing and development staff have scheduled an urgent meeting. We’ll be discussing how to raise money for the “Save Greg Biffle [‘s lifesize cardboard cutout] Fund.” And we’ve already put Darcie, our grants writer, on the hunt for foundations that might want to support the cause.

What caused this change of heart, you might ask?

Well, I’m not exactly sure when it popped up, but I looked up from a conversation and spotted this threatening image stuck to my door.

If you can’t tell, it’s Greg, all tied up. Sure, it might LOOK like toilet paper, but I think these kidnappers are a little smarter than that. It’s probably some super sticky white duct tape or something.

Sorry Greg — you’re on your own for the weekend. But Monday will be here soon…

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