Firefighter Rescues Cat with CPR

My sweetie sent me this story this morning. (Everybody on cue now, “awww.”) 

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP/WPRI) – A New Bedford cat is alive thanks to a firefighter who performed CPR on the pet.The cat was rescued from a burning apartment located at 562 Summer Street on Tuesday by firefighter Al Machado. During the rescue Machado says he noticed the cat was having trouble breathing. He immediately performed mouth to mouth on the cat as he carried outside the burning building.

The cat, a tiger angora, was revived and resting comfortably soon after.

Asked what it tasted like to give mouth-to-mouth to a cat, Machado grimaced and said: “Like fur.” 

What a coincidence that Lise was just talking about pets in disasters yesterday! I’m going to steal two of her links here:
Photo via anomalous4/flickr. (Sorry it’s lolcat style, Lise! I couldn’t find a non-lol photo….I swear!)

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