Get Prepared — It’s Free!

It’s a Wednesday afternoon. You’re at work, twiddling your thumbs (or playing SuperStruct). You wish there were something more exciting going on.

Well, your wish is our command. On Wednesday, Oct. 22, we’re offering a totally FREE Together We Prepare Oregon presentation.

The one-hour course will take you through the steps of preparing for disaster, what to do during and after a disaster strikes, how to make a family emergency plan and what you’ll need in a three-day disaster supplies kit.

My thought is that you could take a (really) late lunch and stop by. Or maybe you can convince your boss to let you go — you being prepared for disaster really benefits the whole office. And if you’re not working on Wednesday afternoons? Well, there’s really no excuse not to show up now, is there?

Wednesday, October 22
2-3 p.m.
Oregon Trail Chapter, Washington Room
3131 N. Vancouver Ave.
RSVP to Linda Swift