One More Reason To Get An iPhone

For a couple of months now – much to the annoyance of my friends and coworkers – I’ve been singing constant praises of my new iPhone.  But now I have the ultimate justification for my iCrush…

The iPhone could save your life.
iPhone Atlas staffer David W. Martin posted a great write-up today about how his iPhone helped him through Hurricane Ike. 
David used applications like Weatherbug and Twitterific to stay in touch and informed. But one of the coolest applications he mentions is called 1st Responder.  It allows one-touch 911 dialing, stores your medical alert information (like an allergy/diabetes bracelet, but digital), and even gives instructions for basic First Aid techniques (not to replace actual in-class training of course, but it would be a good reminder reference). 
Not mentioned in David’s list is my favorite hurricane-related iPhone application – Weather Underground’s tropical storm tracker.  But that’s okay. He lists a ton of other great ones. Read about all of them here.