Slow Blog, Busy Day

I didn’t really intend to have a slow day on the blog, but it kind of turned out that way. One of the best reasons for a lack of postings, however, relates to what Robin will be putting together for tomorrow.

This afternoon, we had one of the very best all-staff meetings yet — our One Red Cross Multi-Cultural Celebration. I have to say that I went into it not expecting all that much; I had heard talk of a parade and some performances and ethnic cuisine, but I had no idea that our Diversity Task Force had put together such a powerhouse event.

I was completely blown away by the time and energy the DTF must have put in to get such outstanding results. The performances were incredible, the food was great, the native clothing was spectacular. And, as you’ll soon see, it personally made me want to take up salsa dancing (Cecelia, if you’re reading, can you schedule some lunchtime tutorials for Red Crossers?).

With that said, I’ll leave it to Robin to share the photos and video that she captured. I guarantee it will inspire you and I sincerely hope it will get the other Red Cross chapters and blood regions around the country wanting to embrace diversity and create their very own multi-cultural celebrations.

If you were there, make sure to tell us what YOU thought of the event!

Image courtesy of Salsa Crazy Portland

One thought on “Slow Blog, Busy Day

  • The One Red Cross Multi-Cultural Celebration was in one word Fantastic. I would like to personally thank each member of our Diversity Task Force Committee for all their hard work , and contagious spirit ; and request that they sign me up to be on next year’s committee. The Singing , the Dancing , the Ethnic Costumes , the Ethnic Cuisine and Authentic Heartfelt Fellowship made me really appreciate our ethnic differences. I am proud to be a Red Cross Volunteer. It never ceases to amaze me how multi talented our Red Cross family is. Diversity is a Good Thing , Honoring it is a Better Thing.

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