Tuesday was the third annual “One Red Cross” Multi-Cultural Celebration, but as a newbie to this chapter it was my first time attending. As I write this I’m already looking […]

Marching to the Beat of the Red Cross Drum

A few things I love: Portland, summertime, the Red Cross, and parades. That’s why I’m excited to put on a Red Cross t-shirt tomorrow morning and march with fellow Red […]

Meet Floyd Pitts, Chief Diversity Officer

This morning, we had a very special visit. Floyd Pitts, Chief Diversity Officer for the American Red Cross, stopped by our chapter and hosted a roundtable discussion about diversity and […]

Impartiality Put To The Test

I received an email today from Eric Corliss, our Emergency Services Director. The message discussed the first ever American Red Cross Humanitarian Prize winners. Recipients Dr. Younis Al Khatib (Palestine […]

Slow Blog, Busy Day

I didn’t really intend to have a slow day on the blog, but it kind of turned out that way. One of the best reasons for a lack of postings, […]