Impartiality Put To The Test

I received an email today from Eric Corliss, our Emergency Services Director. The message discussed the first ever American Red Cross Humanitarian Prize winners.

Recipients Dr. Younis Al Khatib (Palestine Red Crescent Society President) and Dr. Noam Yifrach (Magen David Adom’s Executive Committee Chairman) exhibit extraordinary neutrality, bravery and optimism that can often seem overshadowed by news headlines of bloodshed and intolerance. This is exactly why the Red Cross such an incredible organization. More information of this inspirational pair can be located here.

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One thought on “Impartiality Put To The Test

  • Thanks for blogging this, Nate!

    Robin and I were both interested when the award was mentioned in All-Staff, but forgot as the day wore on. I’m glad someone else remembered!

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